Copyright Infringements And DMCA TAKEDOWN NOTICES

In case you think there had been a copyright violation of your products please email this information to Please note to add the following to your email:

  • Your name, address, email
  • In case you are a business then – business name, business address
  • A link and an explanation to the located copyrighted materials
  • A proof that you are the owner of the copyrighted material

We will inquire into your report and ask for more information in case needed to proceed the inquiry.

Contact us at:


with each product you submit on the marketplace you are approving our terms and conditions which grants us a full power of attorney to file DMCA takedown notices on your behalf. 

We do this when you report to us a listing / infringement of your work is found on another website that you didn’t approve it’s sales.

We will be filing these DMCA takedown notices in your behalf as your Representatives.

SellAnyCode’s Role

The developer is the only owner of the codes he/she chooses to list on this site and codetw has no rights of ownership or to use the uploaded codes. codetw doesn’t control and will not be held responsible for the quality, legality or safety of the content or codes that are sold and downloaded from this site. codetw gives no guarantee that any of the materials on the site do not infringe the intellectual property of others.  If you suspect a copyright infringement you can submit it in accordance to section 5 in this agreement.

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